Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Goals/Thoughts for 2011

This is a note-to-self kind of a post, so bear with me, if you see me talking to myself (often loudly).

All times are valuable, gauge if spending that way
Refers to Parties & people.  Reduce interaction with people who don't read and have nothing interesting to say. If they talk about the same topics all the time, they probably are the people 8-)
Align with people who are interesting it what I'm doing or interested in and also with people who have nothing to do with my field.
Sole criteria being that they should be good at what they do and making an effort to better themselves. Else I'm wasting my time and most probably their time as well. They might not realize/care about the wastage.

All Parties ≠ Fun
Just because I can party till 4 a.m. doesn't mean I should 8-) There is a strange virus running around people called "how late, how much !". Which essentially mean "Till how late they were having fun and in what exorbitant quantities". What the heck !! Its a form of boasting that sounds pretty silly. I realized I caught it some days back and I better cure myself of it.
I think the parties/fun equation is similar to time-at-work/productivity. Just because you stayed at work late doesn't mean you were productive, it probably means you wasted a lot of time or are a very poor time manager. On similar lines the fun factor starts decreasing as time goes on. Just what I think/believe in.

What time does fun stop ?
Mostly fun stops around 11:30 p.m. Wow, how preposterous of me to come up with a time like that !!
Well, that's usually when it stops for me, unless the venue is changing (party moving to a new place) or new people being added.

Assumption : Party started around 8:00 p.m.

Parties are fun, I attend a lot of them and organize a lot of them at our home too ! so don't get me wrong on that. But at the end of the day, there is a certain amount of fun-mojo a person can give and take.
Very few, let me make that very very very few parties have gone beyond 11:30 which still have a fun factor left in them.
Lesson from this : Leave parties early, so I can get a good sleep and not trash/waste my weekend.

Calculate the savings rate in 2010 & improve by 15% in 2011
Pretty self explainatory.
Mainly want to calculate how much money was spent on things like clothes and reduce that.

Spend on "Experiences" rather on "Things"
I did some pretty good progress in this department in 2010, wish to do more in 2011.
How about, don't buy something until I sell something of equal value of first ?
Maybe, that'll work. Shit, that sounds like the plan for the US economy !

Meet with new people who can help personal development
I think I have enough "fun" people in life.
Edit : Joined some pretty good groups for iOS, python & advanced Javascript.
I think, Brian Tracy is on the mark when he says do analysis and take action imme.
Else, this analytical freaking brain will keep chewing on every small detail. 

Attend more seminars/conferences to expand horizon
Get more ideas, network with "doers". Meet people who want to implement some idea.
Should teach someone iOS coding, once I've completed learning it (September)

Continue with Juicing
The more I read about juicing, the more I know I'm on the correct path. Should continue juicing.
Also, complete the book "Chemistry of Food And Nutrition" by Henry C. Sherman about human digestive system in detail. Its mentioned by Kordich and the first few chapters are pretty awesome, telling exactly what I was looking at. Should talk to a doctor and confirm the theories still stand ground since the book is a bit old. Glad humans haven't changed.

Help someone with my knowledge
Last but not least. Help a sincere person with my technical knowledge/abilities.

Your turn. Do you want to do something in 2011, which you haven't done earlier ? Let me know, maybe I would be inspired and would want to do.

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