Monday, March 18, 2013

Bach and Delving deep into oneself

I think Bach is like a Poetry.. You can interpret it in your own ways..
Mozart/Beethoven are like a beautiful song, sung very well..

I think I know why I like Bach more now..

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to listening music in the broadest categories.
One who like musical instruments all by themselves.
While the other which feel a need for the human voice to be a part of the music, however small.

They say violin comes closest to the human voice, one wonders if that is the reason it is that popular.

There is no right/wrong or inferior/superior - It's all music..

I think one knows more about themselves after delving deeper into music or poetry.
It might be Bach or Ghalib, Mir or Firaq, but one does feel the need to.

It's almost as if you have been sitting on a bench for five hours and you stand up & stretch and discover that the bench actually has a latch which you can open..
Now the fun starts, you want to open the latch and look inside..
First you need to know this latch though :)
And then you finally open it to find all these different smaller boxes you never knew existed.
And right at the bottom of all these small boxes you find a latch that leads you to a basement :)

"Kitaab-e-Maazi Ke Panne UlaT Ke deKh Zaraa,
Na Jaane Kaunsa SapHa MuDaa Hua NiKaLe.."
[Sapha - Page; Kitaab-e-Maazi : The book of memories]