Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Evolution in a single lifetime

First.... You Are
Then you are curious
Then you love
Then you love & hate
Interspersed with indifference
Then you Love Strongly & Hate Strongly
Then you know
Then you Love Strongly & hate in moderation
Then you know more
Then you only Love Strongly
Then you Really Know
Then.... You Are

Monday, November 18, 2013

Breaking boundaries by adding constraints

After a while it's no fun to start painting on a clean canvas or a clean page.
You make an existing painting or photo your canvas and start creating on it.
Your now bound.
You've created a constraint and have to create within those confines.
You've given your creativity a new challenge.
Forcing your brain to stretch its hand, but not with enough space..
I can see it sitting in a box and trying to stretch it's hand.
Getting closer to one end so the hand can extend fully in the other corner.

Adding a constraint has made me break boundaries.
My boundary was to capture the world exactly as it is on the film..
The constraint is to only capture the most vital bold stroke and not put time capturing every small detail.

The broad strokes capture 20%
The rest 80% on post processing.

This is the image I captured for the shadows and how they play on the buildings

This is how I drew the shadows out to show their importance