Monday, November 22, 2010

Some cool geeky gifts I see this year - About 6 (2010)

Found these while searching for gifts and thought I should document them.
On a second thought, maybe I should document for each holiday, would be fun to see these 10 years from now 8-)

Wearable camcorder & Bluetooth device
This is neat !
You can record upto 5 hours of video. Now the quality isn't that great (15 fps HVGA) but still seems to be a pretty unique concept.
The details mentions that the bluetooth functionality doesn't support BB or iPhones.. dissapointing.
But still a cool gift, I guess if you have kids and are at social events a lot.

This might not be new, but I've only come across it this year.
Seems to be a functional hoodie for anyone.

Nothing much to say on this.

Parrot AR.Drone
I saw this at brookstone the other day and it blew my mind !!!!
Now this is some serious fun with your iphone !!
  • Remote control quadricopter controlled by iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
  • Interchangeable hulls designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Fly and battle with other Drone users via a Wi-Fi network
  • Front-view camera with live video feed on your iPhone/iPod touch
This is an expensive toy and from my previous experiences with RC planes, they break.
My skill in flying these are terrible hence got the warranty and was able to replace the broken parts.
The reason I'm excited is soon this will get cheaper and we could have better ones every year.

I like my Wii since its more than sitting on the couch while being entertained.
Kinect takes it a notch ahead where you don't need a remote at all.

Your hands are the controllers. Also, it works with any XBox you have ever purchased. I'm pretty sure, this is going to be the hottest toy this year.
The reason for this being on the geeky list.

Rocking Guitar T-Shirt
Not meant to replace your old Fender, but at least the volume seems to make a punch.
Fun T-shirt for a kiddo. Amazon might ship them faster.

There were a few lego ones, but then that is another blog in itself 8-)

If you have found a geeky gift this year, drop a line.

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