Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Solaris, AIX : Braindump ~ tips/tricks

Note: These are braindumps !
While learning any topic I make notes, at first they are very basic and progressively they get advanced.
Don't expect super wisdom ("Gyan") out of these.
As I said just braindumps 8-)
If you have some tips you'd like to share, post in comments and I'll include them here for everybodys benefit.
System Administration
Solaris - Get a core dump of a process gcore, more details here.
AIX - Get a core dump of a process gencore, more details here.
AIX - netstat - excellent IBM documentation here.
AIX - Instead of" ps -ef" I use "ps uaxwwww" to see all the processes running on the server. This is great for finding child processes in hung state.
Solaris - use the bsd ps - /usr/ucb/ps -auxwwww to see all the processes running on the server
Solaris - Set environment variables for all users - /etc/profile
Bash and ksh reads /etc/profile first of all if invoked as a login shell, tcsh and csh reads /etc/.cshrc and /etc/.login .

See the man page of respective shell.

However, these files are only read once, when you login to a system, so if you modify either of them you have to re-login or start a new shell on the system as they are not read dynamically. However you can force a re-read of the files, in bash this would be done with a dot:

and in csh/tcsh by the 'source' command:
source /etc/.cshrc

Solaris - Space taken by various directories under current one : du -skh *

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