Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the fallacy of "acting like a grown up"

There are two types of people around us.
One, who act like a grown up.
The other, who don't act.

People who act like a grown-up are confused about the notion.
They think something happens when they pass a certain number of times around the sun.
As if every time you go around the sun, the smile on your face should slowly dissolve into a serious expression.
The spring in the step, should slow down to a measured draw.

They emulate someone else they saw while they were young.
That someone else at that time seemed all-in-control and "grown up".
A lack of introspection lead them to believe that acting like being in control, is in fact the real thing.

We see these people all the time around us.
They will stand on the side, afraid to make mistakes.
Afraid to loose a game they have never played.
Asking themselves the same question "What will the grown-ups think ?"
"Would the grown-ups do this ?"

And then there are those who do introspect.
They know "grown-ups" is a mythical creature.
That our emotional maturity doesn't depend on what someone else thinks.
Because "someone else" hasn't got the time to look at them.
That "someone else", is too busy looking at themselves.
Or worst, looking at themselves in someone else's eyes.

So to all standing on the sidelines - you are grown up.
No one needs to assert it other than yourself.

Loose yourself a little.
Join the crowd if you enjoy the dance.
If you don't enjoy it, that's fine too, you will find something else for the child inside you.

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